Bikes For Every Occasion

At Joe Daly Cycles we stock a wide variety of bikes, from top of the range racing machines to kids’ tricycles. We cater for all types of cycling and cyclists. Drop in today for a chat.

Due to the world wide bike shortage some models and sizes may not be available. Please contact the shop to check on the latest availability.


These are lightweight, efficient and exhilarating bikes to ride with frames built from high grade aluminium or carbon to match performance levels from beginners to elite racing riders. Feel the power, feel the speed, achieve your goals.


Hybrid bikes combine the best features of road and mountain bikes. They have slimmer frames and narrower tyres than mountain bikes but slightly raised handlebars for a comfortable upright position. Hybrids are best for road use and are an excellent choice for for leisure cycling or commuting.


Classic style bikes with upright handlebars for stability. City bikes are a sturdy choice with good tyre width to help you feel confident on the road. Excellent for short commutes or getting round town. Fewer gears than lighter road bikes so it is easy to sit on the saddle and just pedal.


Mountain bikes or MTBs are designed for off- road and trail cycling, ranging from tough mountainous terrains to cycling trails. Equipped with suspension and loaded with features that will ensure you get the most from your off-road experience. Conquer any trail with confidence.


bikes are a specific form of drop-bar bike that are designed for the popular racing discipline that is cyclocross. They are versatile bikes that are often used for commuting or for winter riding.


We cater for Joe Daly Juniors starting out on their first bike (even without pedals) up to more advanced juniors who “demand” lightweight bikes with gears.

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