We specialise in quality, value for money repairs on all major brands of bikes ranging from kids’ bikes to top of the range road bikes. Our qualified and experienced team can build, replace or repair parts and cycles and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

The team will always carry out an initial assessment before you leave your bike with us and we will shart our assessment with you so that you can decide if you wish to proceed with the repair, so there are no nasty surprises when you collect the bike

We operate a booking system

Please note: Due to high levels of demand a booking system is in operation. Call or email our service department and book a service day. Bikes which are booked in advance will be ready in a 24 hour turnaround.  Ideally bring the bike to the shop the day before the booking so it can be assessed in advance in case parts are needed then the work is done on the day of the booking. A text message will be sent to you when the work is completed

  • A limited number of walk-ins are taken in daily, but to guarantee we will accept your bike for service the best thing is to call us in advanced and make a booking.
  • Please note: The workshop is Monday to Friday only. Collections/drop off is ok on Saturdays but no services are done on Saturdays

The only exception for bookings are 6 week checks which can be dropped in without an advance booking

Bike Servicing

It is recommended that you get your bike serviced every 6 months at a minimum, more if you are doing higher mileage. A regularly serviced bike will be safer, more efficient and it will run smoother.

Sample Pricing


General Service: From €40 plus the cost of any parts needed.

New Tube Fitting (wheel only): €6 plus the cost of the tube

New Tube Fitting (bike): €8 plus the cost of the tube

Spoke and True Wheel: From €20 + €1 per spoke. (custom/carbon spokes will be quoted for separately)

Cables replaced (2 x brake & 2 x gear complete): €80

Pack Bike for Transport: From €40

STORAGE CHARGES will be applied where bikes are not collected within a week of completed servicing. Storage will be priced at €3 per day.


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