We stock a wide range of specialist cycle clothing, from jerseys & shorts to hats, gloves & glasses. We carry a wide range of sample sizes so you can drop in and try before you buy.

Team Joe Daly Cycles

Our retro style customised clothing range reflects the history and heritage of our shop. The range includes short and long sleeved jerseys, shorts, caps, winter jackets, gilets and winter tights. Available in store now.


Cycling jerseys differ from other sporting clothing i.e., they have a slightly longer back, snug fit with pockets on the rear.

These features will help you not only be comfortable but look good too!

We stock a large range of women’s and men’s jerseys.

Tights & Bib Shorts

For regular cycling the comfort gained by wearing cycling shorts is significant. The extra padding in the essential areas adds to comfort and the smoothness of the lycra reduces chaffing and friction.

We stock a large range of shorts and tights in both men’s and women’s fit. We have a fitting room so that you can try them for size to ensure a good fit.

Once you convert to cycling shorts, you will never go back!

Jackets & Gilets

The outer layer of your cycle clothing is your first line of defence against elements. Our jackets are designed to be light weight, breathable and neat fitting which ensure they are comfortable and effective at keeping your dry and at the correct temperature (i.e., not too hot or cold).

We stock a range of jackets at different price points for commuting, leisure and racing.

This is a sleeveless outer layer in a breathable wind/water proof material. Designed to be a snug fit ideal for fast riding as they don’t “flap” around and easy to remove and store in the pocket of your jersey.

An essential piece of kit for any keen cyclist.

Hats, Caps, Gloves & Mitts

During the colder months it is important to keep your body extremities warm so keeping your head, hands and feet covered is essential.

We stock a range of hats and caps designed to fit neatly and comfortably under your helmet.

We also stock a range of gloves and mitts in men’s and women’s fit which are designed to keep you cosy and comfortable.


o keep dust and flies out of your eyes, it is essential w-to wear good cycling specific eye wear. Our range includes U.V. protection, sports eye wear in trend setting designs and colours.

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