Cycle to Work Scheme

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler. The Scheme enables an employee to get a bike and accessories of up to €1,250 for regular bikes & €1,500 for e-bikes in value tax free once every 4 years through their employer.

You can spend more than the scheme limit but will not qualify for any exemptions on any spend above €1,250/€1,500.

We provide a free service after 6 weeks to ensure your bike stays in top condition.

Drop in to see us so that we can help get you on the road.

Tax Savings

If you are in the higher tax bracket you save approximately 50%, meaning the repayments on a €1000 bike would be less than €10 a week. On the lower tax bracket you save approximately 30%, meaning the repayments on a €1000 bike would be around €13.50 week.

Full information can be found on

5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Check that your employer is registered for the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Step 2

On the website, create an account add the products to your basket and select 'Save as Quote'.
You can then fill in your details and have it saved and emailed to you for your employer to see and confirm.

Alternatively, Come to see us and choose the right bike for you from our wide range. We then give you an invoice to present to your employer.

Step 3

Your employer pays for your bike (and accessories) by cheque, bank transfer or voucher.

Step 4

Collect your bike (and accessories)

Step 5

Pay for your bike (and accessories) over 12 months through a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer.

When you pay for your bike this way you are not liable for tax, levies or Universal Social Charge on your payments.

Most of the essential accessories that you will need are covered under the scheme. For example, lights, locks, helmets, hi-vis clothing, panniers, carriers, baskets etc. Check out our wide range when choosing your bike and include these on your invoice.

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