The Right Accessories

Looking for ideas for a present for a bike lover or need some essential accessories? Drop in and look through our large range.

Brands include Santini, Altura, Trek, Bontrager, Scott, Giro, Shimano, Fizik, Garmin, Wahoo, Cateye, Smart Light, Mavic, BBB, Oxford, High-5 and Topeak


We stock a wide range of helmets including Giro, Abus, Scott, Bontrager & Oxford. The fit and sizing of your helmet is very important and different brands can fit differently so it is very important to come into the shop to try on a few different helmets before choosing which one to buy.


Bike shoes are normally used with clipless pedals. They are a must if you are enjoying your cycling and find yourself spending more time on your bike. These shoes are specifically designed to keep your foot in the most efficient position to achieve maximum power transfer . With a stiffer sole than trainers, they will also be more comfortable to wear.


Being visible to motorists is obviously very important for your safety. We stock a wide range of hi-vis clothing in various styles in mens’ and womens’ fit. We also stock a wide range of lights to keep you visible on the road. LED Technology is constantly improving so lights are getting brighter smaller and more efficient all the time. Some are even rechargeable with USB connection. Drop in and we can show you all the options.


With rampant bike theft in Dublin, the best defence is a good quality bike lock. As a rough guide we recommend you  spend 10% of the cost of your bike on a lock. In high risk areas such as Luas stops and the city centre sometimes two locks may even be required to secure your bike.


Maybe you would like to keep track of your commuting distance for a year or maybe you want to have the full range of your data at your fingertips? We stock a wide range of bike computers to track your speed, distance, average and max speed, cadence, power and heartrate.

Nutrition & Hydration

When you are exercising you need to constantly top up your energy/ fluid levels. To achieve this efficiently there are products like bars, gels and drinks made by companies like Powerbar, High5 and Named that we stock in a range of flavours to suit your taste.

Car & Bike Racks

A bike rack for your car is the ideal way to transport your bike. Depending on the car you drive (our racks fit 90% of cars) we can fit a rack to suit your needs. Bring your car with you to make sure the rack fits. Brands: Hollywood and Maypole.

Child Seats

If you would like your children not to miss out on all the fun, why not bring them along too? We recommend the child to be 12 months old and up to a max weight of 22kg. Brands: Hamax and Polysport


Lack of tyre pressure is the most common cause of punctures. You should pump your bike to the correct pressure at least every two weeks. This pressure will be printed on the side of your tyre. As a rough guide Mountain bikes 30 to 40PSI. Hybrids 50 to 60PSI and racers 100 to 110PSI.

We have a range of pumps with gauges to show you the correct pressure and also we have emergency pumps that will clip onto your bike. Brands: Kellys, SKS, BBB, and Bontrager.

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